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 The Spring conference is just around the corner.  It will be April 27-30, 2014 in Lubbock, Texas. The agenda and registration information is available here.


The conference will be held at the Overton Hotel and Conference Center.



For Reservations Call: (806) 776-7000

2322 Mac Davis Lane

Lubbock, Texas 79401





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The Juvenile Justice Association of Texas, or JJAT, was formed after a core work group of approximately 40 representatives held meetings to discuss the needs of the juvenile probation, detention and residential services personnel, as well as the legislative issues that affect the lives of the children in our system. Too many times, our viewpoints and concerns were blended with the adult system, the school system and others, and we just got lost in the shuffle. With this Association, our goal is simple: Juvenile Justice.


Our Primary Objectives

  • Promote unity among Juvenile Justice practitioners.

  • To identify Legislative solutions to issues that affect the lives of Texas Children.

  • Provide training to enhance the professional development of the membership.

  • Encourage the use of technology to enhance the delivery of services.

  • Promote research and evaluate studies to improve quality of services.

  • Increase public awareness of Juvenile Probation Services.

  • Advocate for the advancement of Juvenile Justice personnel. 



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